Campa-MATE  Camper Trailer Tops

Custom built and constructed from Australian made steel. The Deluxe base unit can be bolted to a trailer or fitted with hinge and gas strut system.

Standard features

  • 2 doors
  • Awnings Zipper on both sides
  • Zip dust cover
  • 6 windows fly screened
  • Front awning
  • Poles, Pegs Ropes
  • tilt up base
  • Queen size mattress

Price starts at $3500.00 fitted to trailer


Tested Product

A tested product used in our hire fleet since 1997. Our camper top come standard with features that many manufactures do not use.

Dust Cover

Dust covers are made from Heavy Duty PVC with a 3 stage dust seal process to give you peace of mind when you open your dust cover you have a clean and Dry tent.

Tilt up Base

For ease of cleaning and  for packing the tilt up base take the stress getting to those hard to reach locations.


Exrta Features